8 Simple Ways to Get Real IG Followers

Instagram is a social networking site with more than 800 million daily users. The under 35 is most commonly found on the site, along with businesses, celebrities and entertainers, and others who offer services and products that interest people in such age groups. Uploading photos say what words never can, and gaining new followers on the site is easy if your photos stand out from the crowd. When your page is filled with lots of fans, the time you spend enjoying social media is even more exciting. Take a look at these simple ways to get followers and put the techniques to use for your brand.

Create a Stunning Profile

Your profile is the first thing that others notice about you. It is oftentimes the determining factor in whether or not someone will follow your shenanigans. If you want to know how to get real followers on Instagram, it starts with an attractive, eye-catching profile with a great colour photo.

Engage With Others

Social media does require you to socialize with others for things to work. Make sure you post photos and interact with people that leave comments on those photos. This will increase likes and shares and hopefully, as a result, the number of people following your account.

Upload Great Photos

It’s all about the look when using Instagram. Upload photos that your audience wants to see, as well as those in trending topics. Do not upload every single photo that you take, but instead the best of the cut that showcases things in a different look than what other people are currently doing.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are important in the digital media world, particularly IG where it all began. Look at hashtags that others are using that also match the photograph that you are uploading to the site to create a broader audience for your pictures.

Market Yourself

How will anyone follow your account if they don’t know that it exists? It is important that you market yourself and your page, sharing links on other media platforms, via emails, and directly with friends/family and others. Marketing is important if you want to get your name out there.

Follower Influencers

Influencers can be a tremendous help when it is time to build a name for your brand. Follow those you are interested in who also pertain to your genre. You’ll gain valuable tips and insight and gain an upper hand that others do not have when you follow top social media influencers.

Buy Them

Yes, it is possible to buy followers for your account. Many people have bought followers, in fact, because they know it is an affordable, easy way to get their name out in the crowd very quickly. You should consider this option as well because it can help you the way that it has helped so many others.

Keep it Regular

Do not ghost your audience. They’ll forget you very quickly. It is imperative that you stay relevant in the mind of your audience. Make a post at least once per week or more if you wish.