How Much Time do You Spend Using Social Media?

According to recent research, the average person spends 135-minutes each day on social media, or two hours, 15-minutes. Over a lifetime, that equals just over 5 years of life spent using social media! That isn’t a lot of time but considering we sleep for eight hours and work for another eight, that is actually a considerable amount of time. As someone that spends a lot of time on social media, eager to get likes on Instagram and elsewhere, however, I can totally relate.

But, consider this. We spend even more time watching TV than we do use any of the social media sites combined. We’ll spend a total of 7 years of our lives watching programming on the tube. But, this time is expected to decrease as the popularity of social media continues to rise. We spend more time using the TV and internet than we spend grooming, eating, and drinking in a day!

YouTube is the site that gets most of the attention, with users spending an average of 40-minutes on the site. It is easy to get lost in the videos and the chatting on YouTube. I oftentimes keep the videos playing in the background as I play on my other sites. Users spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook and an average of 25 minutes on Insta. Double those numbers and you’ll have the amount of time I spend on social media!

There was approximately $36 billion spent by businesses placing ads on social media sites in 2017. Businesses have certainly found their spot within the social media world and are thriving with that, just as I have. Everyone uses social media these days. There are tons of free marketing techniques, and it is easy and fun. There is little doubt why so many people enjoy using social media. It works for everyone!

Social media takes me away from the real world. Sure, I can get on the sites and read the news and information about the things going on in this world, which I do often. I also use Instagram and Facebook to market my baby tutu business. I’ve bought likes on Instagram to give me a boost. But, my real pleasure comes from scrolling through the timelines on my favourite sites, learning what everyone else is up to, commenting and getting a conversation going, and sharing photos and news.

Nothing excites me more than seeing status updates from my friends, getting to know new people, and otherwise laughing, smiling, and sharing with others. I think that everyone benefits from social media, in more ways than one. I certainly feel like I get my money’s worth every time I log into my account!

Maybe I should move to California and get a job working for social media. That’s undoubtedly one of the coolest jobs in the world. I am on the sites enough, I should get paid for all of my valuable time there!