Taking Advantage Of Human Nature To Aggressively Increase Your Instagram Following

You may be quite innocent – bless your soul – if you do not believe that even some of the most famous celebrities, politicians, influence marketers and entrepreneurs are doing this. What are they, in essence, doing? They’re taking advantage of human nature. And if you’re going to be a successful marketer in selling your startup or small business development, you might want to use this trick of theirs too.

What are they doing? And what should you be doing too? They’re buying Instagram followers to boost their prestige and rankings. Consider giving this a try too. For many, this may well be a vanity exercise but for people like you, it’s strictly business. Nothing personal at all. Successful entrepreneurs who discover your Instagram account this way might just get to ‘like’ you for this. They recognize that this is nothing more than one extra and useful tool in the marketing and advertising toolbox.

Long before the advent of social media, big businesses and their advertising departments had been buying souls all along.

Marketing and advertising gurus peddle with this all the time. They tinker and tamper with perception every single day of their busy marketing lives. And this is how many people on social media networks perceive each other today. People on social media have a tendency to be more impressed with the size of a person’s account than its actual quality. See, size still matters. Brand managers continue to use this trick to monitor how their campaigns are playing out on Instagram and other social media accounts.

Now, while the rich and famous have been buying their friends and followers for ages, you can too. Why, if not for the two salient reasons already mentioned earlier – the peculiarities of human nature and its preoccupation or obsession with size and numbers – then this. It’s actually quite easy to snap up your own followers through a service provider and it’s not at all expensive either. And, as mentioned earlier too, there’s nothing personal at stake here either.

Because the moment you buy your first one hundred or thousand followers, an automatic process takes over. But for a higher fee, a more humane process of give and take – a case of, you scratch my back, I scratch your back – takes over. In this case, you will be linking up with other active accounts just like yours. For the favor of following your work and services, you get to follow theirs too. But should there be any account holders out there who selfishly choose to not follow you, and auto bot will promptly ‘unfollow’ them.

Surprisingly perhaps, discretion is still possible too. You have freedom of choice too. Your service provider will ask reasonable questions to do with your location, the number of hashtags you use, your gender and your use of similar accounts (to Instagram). It also leads to you linking up with likeminded men and women, and presumably, even businesses.