Top Instagram Features You Should use

Instagram is one of the top social media networking platforms in use today. Over 400 million people access the site every single day. This site is unique to others since it is a photo-sharing only social site. No complaints from the under 35 crowds who are the main users of the site, however. If you are new to IG, there are tons of features that enhance the fun that you have when using the site. Below, learn more about some of the features and why they’re beneficial to use.


What do you want your followers and fans to see about you and your life for the day? Give them an inside glimpse when you add a story. The story can be a video or a photo of anything you choose. Once it is posted, it stays for 24-hours, after which time it vanishes forever. You can add more than one video during any 24-hour period.

Social Share

Want friends, customers, family, etc. on other social platforms to see the photos that you’ve uploaded? It can be time-consuming and stressful to individually upload pictures to each site. The social share feature helps you easily share any and all photos that you want to any of your networking pages. More exposure means more people notice your name and you can increase Instagram followers, Facebook friends, and more.

Buy Followers

There are many ways to increase Instagram followers. One of the methods many people use it to buy the fans. Some people think this is illegal, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thousands of people have already made the purchase and it is time to follow suit. The cost to make the purchase is very reasonable and the results are astonishing. If you want to get your name out there to a crowd, this is one purchase that you shouldn’t delay.

Push Notifications

Enable push notifications on your IG and other social network sites if you want to expand your horizons. Although receiving a notification for every post may not be something of interest, you want customers, fans, followers, etc. to have the ability to follow your page and all of your latest and greatest doings.


#Hashtag it and more people will see the post and exposure is important. Search trending hashtags or create your own, but remember to keep the terms to those people are searching for. Hashtags can help you get the name that you want and need. Use them every single time you upload.


IG is the filter queen, no matter how you slice it. So if you want to have fun with pictures and play around a bit, head on to this site and let the fun begin. Tons of filter can help you enhance your look, disguise yourself, etc. Don’t miss out on the fun.

IG has many features that you can appreciate. The features above are among them. Use these features and make the most of your social experience. It is worth your while.